KINONO 4: FOUR (plus one) ELEMENTS  

Kinono Gathering is a multidimensional cultural organization located in Tinos since 2016, organizing site-specific art exhibitions, open workshops, music and theatre performances, research projects, interactive tours in the natural environment of the island as well as in specific buildings of historical or architectural significance.

Kinono's objective is to build connections among the participants from various fields of science, art, culture -by means of residency programs- and the local land itself and to encourage, through this versatile involvement, the creation of original artistic productions, research and educational activities.

Setting Tinos as a point of reference, the participants interact with each other by communicating their individual work, creating communities of synergy and cooperation and simultaneously creating the very conditions for interaction amongst the visitors-spectators and the inhabitants. In that way, the participants, visitors and locals interconnected, and with a view to the natural environment, configure KINONO, setting the basis for the establishment of a platform capable of developing creative and educational relations, with a differential perception on utilising the local inheritance.

Through the communication of participants with the land, as well as with a varied audience, KINONO intends to create ever-evolving organic spaces in Tinos and ultimately wants to build a world where things are increasingly and more intricately connected with each other.

Christos Artemis, visual artist, creator of KINONO

The team of KINONO

Concept | Art direction: Christos Artemis
Academic coordinator: Artemis Argiri
Public relations Tinos: Vassiliki Boulerou
Local sponsor coordination: Marios Vidalis
Media manager: Fotini Barka
Web page and multimedia design: Stathis Doganis
Web page programming: Kelly Exarchou
Social media implementation: Vivi Kassara

Legal aid: Iris Kekrinou

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