I’ll weave while you pitch

I’ll weave while you pitch

Visual storytelling workshop, discussion, and research presentation by visual artist Eleni Zervou

11 May 2022 _ 11 May 2022

Wednesday 11 May 2022, 16.30

In the workshop ''I'll weave while you pitch'', visual artist Eleni Zevou inducted us in a talk about the female voice, craft as artistic expression, creative leisure, and profession, and popular vs “academic art”, all in relation to the Textile Arts of Tinos. Everyone then was encouraged to design their own symbols on plaid paper; how can we tell stories through images? Merging today’s, yesterday’s, and tomorrow’s (her)stories in plaid.

The workshop was open to everyone, children and grown-ups, and it is supported by the Women’s Association and the Old Weaving School of Tinos.

Women’s Association, Navarchou Panetiou 10 (behind the Cultural Foundation of Tinos Island), Tinos, 842 00

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