Open Call (Residency)

FOUR (plus one) ELEMENTS

Residency | 26 September - 18 October 2020

ΚΟΙΝΩΝΩ Tinos Art Gathering borrows the four elements (earth, water, air, fire) - plus one, the element of time, introducing a thematic proposal that attempts to integrate the landscape itself into our perception of space, time, eras, matter, energy, nature, tradition and their various social manifestations.

For the implementation of the annual thematic cycle, Κοινωνώ addresses an open call for proposals / projects on one of the following four Elements: Fire, Water, Air, Earth, and one of the individual selected locations of the island of Tinos that correspond to each element, where productions will be presented, as follows:

Fire-Water/Koumelas Quarries,
Water-Earth/Plain of Komi,
Earth-Fire/Ismael village,
Fire-Air/Papargyras Lighthouse,
Air-Earth/Kakia Skala,
Air-Water/Livada Beach.

Participants can belong to any branch of the artistic - scientific - research spectrum, of all ages and fields as well as institutions - organizations from Greece and abroad: Artists of all media, curators / theorists / art critics (individually or in groups) choreographers-dancers, directors-actors, musicians-composers, writers, photographers, designers, bloggers, architects engineers, researchers, folklorists, anthropologists, academics, educators, environmentalists, hikers, local associations, activists, guilds / organizations / bodies / groups with cultural and ecological sensitivity

The aim of the thematic is to explore the relationships between the modern interdisciplinary practice of fine arts, research, humanities and new means of expression and place and time in the "material" environments of the island. These environments are varied: built and natural, indoor and outdoor, urban and rural, material and intangible and include a complex of rural - natural monuments and sites, historic buildings and paths.

We invite participants to stay on the island for a period of three weeks, to work with natural matter, to reflect on current ecological, social issues, cultural and local issues, to establish collaborative communities, and to create original site-specific, collective, theoretical and tangible work in a non-urban environment.

The selection of participants will be done gradually and communication with them will begin before the deadline.

Information regarding the Residency (read carefully): pdf

Location Map


The "Four (plus one) Elements" thematic was introduced in 2019, structured on four different residency periods, one per natural element, which would take place in the four different seasons. Thus, the residency was to last almost a year, focusing its productions on one Element per season, on a plethora of selected locations. The first residency, the Fire Element was implemented in January 2020. However, in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, which prevented the second residency period from taking place, the axis of the thematic was adapted so as to be fulfilled in a limited time period, with all productions taking place in a joint period, September 26 to October 18, so as not to deemphasize the theme and at the same time take into account the new data and indications about the virus.

Due to the changes, the deadlines for the Fire element, which was implemented in January, as well as for the Water element, which was scheduled to take place in April, are reopened in the new open call.

So, compared to the previous structure of the residency, the changes are as follows: -One residency will be held, which will gather 20-24 productions for all Elements (earth, water, air, fire) -The residency is scheduled to take place on September 26-October 18. -The deadline for submission of applications is on August 15 for all elements -Those interested state in their application a proposal for ONE Element, in combination with one of the locations that correspond to it, as follows: Fire: Koumelas Quarries, Ismael village, Papargyras Lighthouse Water: Koumelas Quarries, Plain of Komi, Livada Beach Air: Papargyras Lighthouse, Kakia Skala, Livada Beach Earth: Kakia Skala, Ismael village, Plain of Komi -There is the possibility to participate in the residency as a guest (shorter stay on the island)

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