Four -plus one- Elements / Kinono Residency Program, 2020-2022

KINONO borrows the four natural elements (earth, water, air, fire) - plus one - the element of time, proposing a thematic residency program that seeks to integrate the landscape itself into our perception of space, time, seasons, matter, energy, nature, tradition and their various social manifestations.

Focusing on the natural environment, Kinono highlights the synergy of the four elements in order to create over time both the natural and the man-made environment of the island, its tangible and intangible heritage. By creating different recitation conditions of space, which follow the transformation from one natural element to another, Kinono imagines the combination of natural elements per location under the effect of the element of time. Thus, the following five landscapes (virtual and material environments) are the sites revisited:

(1) Koumelas Quarries,
(2) Kakia Skala,

(3) Ismael Village,

(4) Livada Reservoir,

(5) Komi Meadow

The consistency of time becomes apparent in these selected sites, as natural and cultural landscapes, firstly from their very geomorphology, and secondly from the interpretation of human intervention in them. Human influence on natural materials, as observed in these locations, opens a dialogue on the horizon of the Anthropocene era, in terms of methods that meet the needs of change, adaptation, so they treat materials that are durable and alive and others that move beyond their physical limits. Time displays matter and, on the other hand, time, as human history.


On the occasion of the degenerating restriction of common resources in the modern Anthropocene era, and contrary to their nature to alternate and transform according to the transience of natural seasons, both this dual concept of "epoch" and the heterogeneous characteristics of matter e, the land, the water, the air, the fire that compose the diverse landscape of the island of Tinos.

Through the residency we want to produce works of art, performing arts, collective and research projects, restoration works, pedagogical activities, workshops, films, sound art, digital works. It offers a ground that favors reflection and dialogue on modern and traditional practices, extensions of human intervention in nature, history, mythology, and metaphysics of matter.

Our priority, through the residency, is to create the background of cooperation of the participants with each other, with local and national organizations, with the local community, and with the Kinono organization. Kinono hosts the participants so that they can create and leave behind, in a non-urban environment, projects that are inspired from, referred to, and located in Tinos.

The content of the productions and the creative process will be projected on a constantly enriched digital platform, which Kinono aspires to become a contemporary, social, artistic geomorphological map of the island. .


The theme Four -plus one- Elements was introduced in 2019, structured on four different periods of hosting, one per natural element, which would take place in the four different seasons of the year. Thus, the residency was to last for almost a year, focusing its productions on one element per season, in a variety of selected locations.

The first residency, The Element of Fire, took place in January 2020. However, in view of the COVID-19 pandemic, which prevented the second hosting period from taking place, the theme axis was adapted to be fulfilled in a limited time, with all productions taking place in a joint period, 25 April to 20 May 2022, so that on the one hand, the theme would not be downgraded, and on the other hand, the new data and indications about the virus would be taken into account.


The practical conduct, the content of the residencies, and the range of demands of the modern creators and observers of human society have undoubtedly been influenced during the critical two years we have experienced collectively due to a pandemic. Expecting the spring of 2022 to mark the end of COVID-19, but also with a new fear lurking - the war that is raging in Europe - we are more eager than ever to finally get together in Tinos in spring and talk, think and act for our common life on planet earth.

We perceive our meeting in the framework of the residency Four-plus one- Elements as an opportunity to jointly create an ideal living and co-working condition, which will urge us to reconsider the contemporary way of life and the relation of the human community with nature.

The residency Four - plus one - Elements where the productions will refer to all the four natural elements -plus Time- is going to take place in 25th April -20 May 2022.

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