After Palaphaitos

After Palaphaitos

Exhibitions Kinono Garden
13 May 2022 _ 13 May 2022

Friday 13 May 2022, 19:30

Kinono Garden, 5 Karolou Vitali, Tinos

Εxhibition of the French artist aurèce vettier. Inspired by the practice of Palaphaitus (4th century BC), who attempted to give a logical explanation to myths, Paul studied the myth of Aeolus and the famous ""windbag"" in his possession, and constructed Diopeia, a wind measuring machine, with which he collected measurements from different points on Tinos over the course of three weeks. He then visualized the data he collected by carving the air patterns on marble slabs. His work was completed with the creation of a publication containing his artistic research during the residency, and the poems he wrote entirely in Tinos.

Exhibition and poetry reading by aurèce vettier

Soundscape by Steve Bates

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